We are a complete logistics provider company with full-range of services that can cater all logistical needs of the flourishing Philippine market through our ICHS system.
How we do it?

Integrated Cargo Handling Services

Our Integrated Cargo Handling Services (ICHS) follows a five-phase procedure that transports goods from initial storage to the destination warehouse. This system is flexible and adapts easily to the clients' logistical needs. As an example, take a look at how we apply this tried and tested system to our transport of rice.


We secure the cargo from the client's warehouse for transport.

Our team arrives at the initial warehouse to collect the bags of rice. It is then loaded onto AVega trucks and secured for delivery.


Our trucks transfer the cargo to the port where it is consolidated and prepared for its next transport.

Next, the rice is brought to the port. The sacks are checked and secured to make ready for shipment. You can be sure that our reliable arrastre and stevedoring crew will get things done in the swiftest and most efficient manner.


Using our own fleet, the cargo is shipped out to its next destination. We can ship cargo to any part of the Philippines.

The rice is then shipped to different regions in the Philippines. The goods are closely monitored throughout the journey to make sure that they are in their best condition.


Once the cargo hits land, we deliver it to the different warehouses in the area.

The rice is carefully loaded back onto trucks and distributed around the region. Our trusted drivers make sure that the rice arrives safely and on time.


Our team stacks and organizes the goods in the warehouse and readies them for wholesaling or further transport.

As the rice finally reaches its target warehouse, our warehouse staff once again evaluates to confirm that all necessary tasks have been carried out. They also make sure that cargo is kept in good condition.


If necessary, we package or re-bag the cargo for storage according to our client's preferences.

If any of the bags appear to be damaged, our team re-bags the rice for further allocation and storage.

Our Fleet

Our well-maintained fleet is always ready to ship cargo according to your needs.

Our Services

We've got the perfect solutions for your every needs.


We provide port to port deliveries, time chartering, and contracts of afreightment. Our growing vessel fleet is the youngest in the country and is kept in excellent shape. Your cargo will surely be kept in good condition.
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Transporting cargo by land anywhere in the Philippines is made easier with AVega Bros Trucking Services Corp. We have networks of trucks available, operated by trusted drivers and dependable cargo checkers.
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Warehouse Management

We provide manpower services to handle deliveries to port and up to your warehouses. You can be sure that your cargo is in safe hands with our reliable and efficient team.
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Equipment Rentals

Our cranes and full-range of equipment for aiding cargo movements are open for rentals. These top-quality equipment will make transporting significantly easier and quicker.
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We can carry your deliveries with ease, regardless of a port's capacity. Tug boats and barges are available for port facilities that cannot accommodate large vessels.
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Through our years of experience, we have gained a deep understanding of the many hurdles that come with delivering in an archipelagic country. We offer a systematic and professional operations.
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About Us

Mision & Vision

To ceaselessly enrich and expand the best knowledge and practices towards providing a superlative delivery service

To develop the ultimate Philippine superhighway that can transport cargo anywhere, in any condition


In 1981, the AVega Shipping Services was formed as a cargo brokerage that would service the shipping requirements of the Philippine domestic market. Through our years of service, we acquired a vast knowledge of the Philippine logistics system; from ships and inland marine (trucking), to port and terminal facilities, as well as various other elements related to cargo handling and delivery.

Innovation in Cargo Brokerage

The Integrated Cargo Handling Services System (ICHS) is a nationwide full service warehouse to warehouse delivery of bulk and break cargo. This system lessens impediments and enables a smoother delivery process across the country. We maintain our own fleet of tugs, barges, cargo vessels, and chartered equipment. We also have comprehensive agreements with terminals, silos, arrastre and stevedoring operators, and trucking companies operating all over the Philippines. This solid network of complementary vessels, trucks, terminals and sub-contractors enables AVega to provide its clients with the complete services they require at any time of the day.

Only the Best Solutions

AVega’s time, knowledge, and services will always be at the client’s disposal. Our hardworking team is ever ready to study and discuss the procedures involved, and implement a delivery system tailor-made for your every need. We envision impeccable streamlined operations for all raw materials, machineries, and equipment. With clients coming from various industries, we continue to strive for a delivery system that is modernized, efficient, and highly specialized. Our all-inclusive service guarantees that your cargo is thoroughly supervised, significantly lessening losses and lags and effectively diminishing logistical problems.


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Cargo Operations

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