Integrated Cargo Handling Services

The Integrated Cargo Handling Services (ICHS) follows a five-phase procedure that transports goods from initial storage to the destination warehouse. This system is flexible and adapts easily to the clients’ logistical needs. As an example, take a look at how we apply this tried and tested system to our transport of rice.

Disclaimer: Only warehouse to warehouse transport is available for domestic operations

Avega Bros. I.C.H.S Warehouse Pick Up Icon


We secure the cargo from the client’s warehouse for transport.

Our team arrives at the initial warehouse to collect the bags of rice . It is then loaded onto Avega trucks and secured for delivery.

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Our trucks transfer the cargo to the port where it is consolidated and prepared for its next transport.

Next, the rice is brought to the port. The sacks are checked and secured to make ready for shipment. You can be sure that our reliable arrastre and stevedoring crew will get things done in the swiftest and most efficient manner.

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Using our own fleet, the cargo is shipped out to its next destination. We can ship cargo to any part of the Philippines.

The rice is then shipped to different regions in the Philippines. The goods are closely monitored throughout the journey to make sure that they are in their best condition.

Avega Bros. I.C.H.S Truck Delivery Icon


Once the cargo hits land, we deliver it to the different warehouses in the area.

The rice is carefully loaded back onto trucks and distributed around the region. Our trusted drivers make sure that the rice arrives safely and on time.

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Our team stacks and organizes the goods in the warehouse and readies them for wholesaling or further transport.

As the rice finally reaches its target warehouse, our warehouse staff once again evaluates to confirm that all necessary tasks have been carried out. They also make sure that cargo is kept in good condition.

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If necessary, we package or re-bag the cargo for storage according to our client’s preferences.

If any of the bags appear to be damaged, our team re-bags the rice for further allocation and storage.

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