Mission & Vision

To ceaselessly enrich and expand the best knowledge and practices towards providing a superlative delivery service

To develop the ultimate Philippine superhighway that can transport cargo anywhere, in any condition


In 1981, the Avega Shipping Services was formed as a cargo brokerage that would service the shipping requirements of the Philippine domestic market. Through our years of service, we acquired a vast knowledge of the Philippine logistics system; from ships and inland marine (trucking), to port and terminal facilities, as well as various other elements related to cargo handling and delivery.

An Innovation in Cargo Brokerage

The Integrated Cargo Handling Services System (ICHS) is a nationwide full service warehouse to warehouse delivery of bulk and break cargo. This system lessens impediments and enables a smoother delivery process across the country. We maintain our own fleet of tugs, barges, cargo vessels, and chartered equipment. We also have comprehensive agreements with terminals, silos, arrastre and stevedoring operators, and trucking companies operating all over the Philippines. This solid network of complementary vessels, trucks, terminals and sub-contractors enables Avega to provide its clients with the complete services they require at any time of the day.

Only the Best Solutions

Avega’s time, knowledge, and services will always be at the client’s disposal. Our hardworking team is ever ready to study and discuss the procedures involved, and implement a delivery system tailor-made for your every need. We envision impeccable streamlined operations for all raw materials, machineries, and equipment. With clients coming from various industries, we continue to strive for a delivery system that is modernized, efficient, and highly specialized. Our all-inclusive service guarantees that your cargo is thoroughly supervised, significantly lessening losses and lags and effectively diminishing logistical problems.


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